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tr.v. lus·trat·ed, lus·trat·ing, lus·trates
To purify by means of ceremony.

[Latin lūstrāre, lūstrāt-, to purify, make bright; see luster.]

lus·tra′tion n.
lus′tra·tive (-trə-tĭv) adj.
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A freeing from sin, guilt, or defilement:
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Branko Gjorgievski in Dnevnik reminds that nobody feels like the lustration process has terminated only by hearing the two hundred names, until the grand names of the people who cooperated with the secret services and breached fundamental civil rights, are served with justice.
According to the Head of Government, the Constitutional Court wants to cancel the law on lustration, "as those who supported the Yanukovych s regime want to go back".
As of 1 September 2015, the lustration law will no longer apply.
Critics of the trend, which has been dubbed ''trashcan lustration,'' worry that unruly excess could turn even uglier down the line.
Hundreds of tires were burned by the demonstrators as they run riot for the Lustration Bill to be adopted.
Three important segments from the functioning of the Macedonian legal state: religion and discrimination, lustration and judiciary--in the following months will be put to a test before the European Human Rights Court in Strasbourg.
The activists intend to continue their rallies and lustration outreach if the Parliament does not listen to them, he added.
In her first and very promising book Monika Nalepa presents an entirely new approach to the study of lustration policies in Eastern Europe.
This December's Sofia Platform focused on issues of lustration, justice and reconciliation as Arab and North African countries throw off totalitarian regimes and embrace democracy.
Prenant comme point de depart de notre reflexion l'analyse de Koteska de la tyrannie petit-bourgeoise du communisme macedonien, dont le bilan et mecanismes sacrificiels n'ont pas ete vraiment apprehendes en Macedoine, dans ce texte, nous allons elargir nos considerations sur le processus de lustration actuellement mis en place dans ce pays.
The meteorologists on duty located that this time the wind came from the direction of Croatia, threatening to pull to the ground the Macedonian lustration that has already fallen on its knees.
I take lustration to refer to the purification of state institutions from within or without.