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also lu·ta·nist  (lo͞ot′n-ĭst)
A lute player. Also called lutist.

[Medieval Latin lūtānista, from lūtāna, lute, possibly from Old French lut; see lute1.]


(ˈluːtənɪst) or


(Music, other) Also: lutist a person who plays the lute
[C17: from Medieval Latin lūtānista, from lūtāna, apparently from Old French lut lute1]


(ˈlut n ɪst)

a person who plays the lute.
[1590–1600; < Medieval Latin lūtānista, derivative of lūtāna lute; see -ist]
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Noun1.lutenist - a musician who plays the lute
instrumentalist, musician, player - someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)


nLautenist(in) m(f), → Lautenspieler(in) m(f)
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Participants include Jordanian lutenist Dalia Sabri Hussain, Palestinian singer Rana Aliya and Moroccan pianist Fatteh Nakkadi.
The two ensembles are familiar to Vaclav Luks, who also involved in the Zelenka CDs Helena Zemanova, a violinist of Collegium 1 704, the double-bassist Ludek Brany and the lutenist Shizuko Noiri, who provide a reliable sonic background.
An exhibition of documents and photographs is to be mounted and nationally-acclaimed lutenist Peter Lagan will be performing on Monday.
Lutenist David Rogers will present a varied recital program of lute music composed between 1490 and 1620.
The lutenist Robert Johnson calls attention to the word "strange" by making it the musical climax of the piece in what is an early, if not the original, musical setting of "Full Fathom Five.
On Saturday the guitarist will play Semper Dowland, Semper Dolens, Fantasy and Farewell by English Renaissance composer, lutenist and singer John Dowland.
00 The Clone Roses Plus DJ Clint Boon, with the Spike Island Show Citadel Arts Centre, St Helens, 01744 735436, Fri, Nov 20 - Sat, Nov 21, PS12 Larry Miller Band Citadel Arts Centre, St Helens, 01744 735436, - Sat, Nov 28, PS12 Robert Vincent Woodwards Winebar, 16, Chapel Lane, Formby, 01704 831049, - Sat, Nov 21 A Musical Odyssey Classically-trained guitarist and lutenist, Tony Crotty is raising funds for Clatterbridge.
WORLD-RENOWNED lutenist and guitarist Robin Thodey will be performing next month to raise bursary funds for choristers who attend The Chorister School in Durham.
What do English Renaissance composer and lutenist John Dowland and the Baroque period's most famous composer, Germany's Johann Sebastian Bach, have in common?
But Bryan and his consort of five viols, lutenist Jacob Heringman and mezzo-soprano Clare Wilkinson gave us more than melancholy.
Three concerts by harpsichordist Mahan Esfahani, the Ricercar Consort of viols, countertenor Iestyn Davies and lutenist Thomas Dunford to evoke music at the Elizabethan and Jacobean courts by John Dowland, William Byrd, Orlando Gibbons and Radnorshire-born John Bull (June 22) | 2.
Italian music travelled to the court of Henry VIII and the 17th century English lutenist John Dowland was a European star three centuries before Madonna.