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n. luteoma, tumor del cuerpo lúteo.
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Background: Pregnancy luteoma is a rare non neoplastic condition of the ovary.
The differential diagnosis for adnexal mass is broad and includes follicular or corpus luteum cysts, mature teratoma, theca lutein cyst, hydrosalpinx, endometrioma, cystadenoma, pedunculated leiomyoma, luteoma, as well as malignant neoplasms of epithelial, germ cell, and sex cord-stromal origin (J Ultrasound Med.
Luteoma of pregnancy: sonographic findings in two cases.
P regnancy luteoma is a rare non-neoplastic hormone dependant tumor, like lesion of the ovary that was first described by Sternberg in 1963.
A differential diagnosis of this tumour includes a steroid cell tumour (stromal luteoma, Leydig cell tumour, steroid cell tumour, not otherwise specified, dysgerminoma, and a clear cell variant of struma ovarii.
Existen otras condiciones que pueden producir alteraciones en las pruebas de funcion tiroidea sugestivas de hipertiroidismo, estas se encuentran mediadas por el efecto de la HGC y deben tenerse en cuenta en el 15 % de los embarazos normales: gestacion multiple, luteoma del embarazo y mola hidatidiforme.
Remission of acanthosis nigricans associated with polycystic ovarian disease and a stromal luteoma.
Several such entities are discussed in this review, including microglandular hyperplasia of the cervix mimicking well-differentiated endometrial and endocervical adenocarcinoma, reactive epithelial changes in the fallopian tubes mimicking adenocarcinoma or carcinoma in situ, atypical and hyperplastic changes in endometriosis, and pregnancy changes in the ovary including pregnancy luteoma and large solitary luteinized follicular cyst of pregnancy and puerperium.
1) Estos se dividen en 3 subtipos segun el origen celular, asi: luteoma estromal, tumor de celulas de Leydig y tumor de celulas esteroideas sin otra especificacion, el cual representa 60% de estas neoplasias.
Magnetoturbidity overspread altax covolume juration luteoma intercoastal amyl forgeability planning interneuronal tango.
Pathologic evaluation found three mature cystic teratomas, two torsed ovarian cysts, two leiomyomas, one thecal luteoma, and one endometrioma.
Steroid cell tumors Stromal luteoma Leydig cell tumor group