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Noun1.luxuria - self-indulgent sexual desire (personified as one of the deadly sins)
deadly sin, mortal sin - an unpardonable sin entailing a total loss of grace; "theologians list seven mortal sins"
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And more tours will feature the flagship Luxuria coaches, which have wider armchair seats, retractable calf rests, personal touchscreen TVs, and plug and USB points so that passengers can keep gadgets fully charged.
Robinsons Land, under its premier residential brand Robinsons Luxuria, has secured the privilege of bringing the first Westin-branded residences in Southeast Asia to the country.
com/games/journey/>), Luxuria Superbia (<http://luxuria-superbia.
Dai decorre o habito da arte europeia, aproximadamente na metade do seculo XIX, retratar a mulher oriental como dancarina, escrava, servical, concubina ou pertencente a luxuria de algum harem.
Holidaymakers can choose to travel from 500 UK joining points by Luxuria coaches, which have roomy armchair-style seats and touch screen TVs or fly to join their tour from a range of airports.
Scott reveals that contemporary literary works and mimetic texts "revived and then extended the concept's more expansive associations," by conflating classical luxuria, "a vice of misgovernment in which the feminine passions and bodily desires overwhelmed masculine reason and mental control," with English "luxurie" (i.
Tenders are invited for Providing & laying 600mm dia 8mm thickness pipeline by using Trenchless technology to sanction sanitary connection to the newly constructed Sathva Luxuria Apartment opp Yeshwanthpura Police Station coming under MelleshwaramS/Stn.
Yap said this project was in line with the company's plan to 'upgrade' its Luxuria portfolio, RLC's development arm that target the upscale market.
simbolo das tendencias obscuras, sob todas as suas formas, da ignorancia, da gula, da luxuria e do egoismo" (Chevalier & Gheerbrant, 2008, p.
Ha dias em que so sou possivel comigo e minha luxuria, dias em que nao quero que minhas amantes me degustem, me molhem, me abram como uma fruta entre seus labios ou seus dedos pintando-me com suas umidades a cara, a vagina, as costas, as costelas, mulheres que me concedem de modo generoso geografias ao vivo para que eu me arrebate ate a decadencia ao sentir meus pulmoes configurando oxigenio.
That medieval sense he speaks of, of course, is 'lust' or 'lechery,' but Prudentius's Luxuria in his poem is ease and excess pleasure that leads to a loss of resolve and reputation.
To make it easy to remember the church coined a word SALIGIA with the first letters in latin of superbia, avarita, luxuria, invidia, gula, ira and acedia.