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Adj.1.lviii - being eight more than fiftylviii - being eight more than fifty    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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It is difficult to determine how much the Army engineer, artillery, and other small detachments delayed the German advance, but there is no question that the LVIII Panzer Corps was diverted from the mainstream of the western advance by these efforts, depleting the spearhead strength of Fifth Panzer Army.
Las dificultades pueden hacer que el texto resulte casi hermetico para un lector actual: a que se refiere el comienzo de la octava LVIII, 59?
O sustinskoj spornosti pojma prava: Galijev okvir primenjen na pojam pava" ("On the Essential Contestedness of the Concept of Law: Gallie's Framework Apllied to the Concept of Law") Anali Pravnog fakulteta u Beogradu LVIII, no.
Use of sustainable indicators in solid waste management--a review, Bulletin of the Polytechnic Institute of Iasi, Tome LVIII (LXII), Fasc.
Patrologia Graeca LVIII 570 (to Man 18:6); LIX 352 (to John 11:30); LX 601 (to Rom 12:1).
6) Working people in the fields report the ending of wheat and barley harvesting and the obtaining of big productions per hectare, in "The Sparkle" ("Scanteia"), the year LVIII, no.
First, Olga Mojzisova and Milan Pospisil published the book Bedrich Smetana's Correspondents (Prague 2009, LVIII + 134 pp.
La struttura portante dell'operetta e quella della raccolta delle lettere con cornice che sviluppa l'artificio narrativo dello "svaligio" del corriere gia sperimentato nel Ragguaglio LVIII Centuria seconda di Traiano Boccalini.
All Pakistan Newspapers Society and others in their appeal moved through Abdul Hafeez Pirzada, had contended that the impugned judgement of Sindh High court was not sustainable in law as it had decided the constitutional petition only by quoting the language of Newspaper Employees (Condition of Service) Act, LVIII of 1973, (NECOSA)and ruled that it was possible for the government to constitute a Wage Board for determining rates of wages for newspaper employees.
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See his Nicean-Creed poems, "The Blush of Constantine at the Council of Nice," LVIII, and "Constantine's Amphitheatre at Treves," LIX.