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Adj.1.lxii - being two more than sixtylxii - being two more than sixty    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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description of the contractI - XXXII MedicineXXXIII - XXXIV Human AlbuminXXXV MedicineInsulin XXXVIXXXVII MedicineXXXVIII - XXXIX iodine, intravenous, non-ionic contrast agentXL iodine, intravenous, non-ionic contrast agent having registration for oral administrationXLI MedicineXLII preparations for X-rayXLIII iodine contrast agentXLIV - XLVII MedicineXLVIII Gel for catheterizationXLIX SodalimeL Means flammableLI - LX Drugs p / cancerLXI - LXII MedicineLXIII - LXIV Medicine bought as part of the import targetLXV MedicineDrugs LXVI p / cancerA detailed description of the contract with the quantities of attachments from 2 to 67 to the ToR.
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The army suspected the lxii of deep sympathy with leftist guerrillas.
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But John Nicols, a professor of history and the classics at the University of Oregon, who is LXII years old (you figure that one out), believes it has something to do with the first Super Bowl (which was actually called the "AFL-NFL World Championship Game') being played in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.
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