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Adj.1.lxv - being five more than sixtylxv - being five more than sixty    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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Verses 27 to 31 undoubtedly refer to Richard Wagner (see Note on Chapter LXV.
Contract awarded for Medals v, x, xv, xx, xxv, xxx, xxxv, xl, xlv, l, lv, lx, lxv and bars lxx, requested the sub-address to use the firefighter appreciation day of members of the national institution.
1177, 1186-259 (1987); Charles Fried, Sonnet LXV and the "Black Ink" of the Framers' Intention, 100 Harv.
Less useful, from the point of view of the reader, is their decision to retain Petsas's cumbersome numbering system, where artefacts are numbered by Arabic numerals, tumuli by Roman numerals, and graves within tumuli by combining Greek letters, sometimes extending beyond the number available in the Greek alphabet (hence, one grave in tumulus LXV is both alpha and omega).
11) See generally C Fried, "Sonnet LXV and the "Black
Paremal kuljel jatkub esmalt aastaarv--cccc, millele tundub jargnevat lxv (voi liv) ja iii (voi in).
Sarawak Museum Journal, LXV (86 New Series): 121-90.
The new Limited Edition Land Rover Defender LXV is also among the models on display, as is the Range Rover Sport that crossed the Empty Quarter earlier this month to set a new world record.
Called the LXV and limited to 65 cars, it is based on the standard Defender Hard Top version and is powered by a 2.
The occasion also sets the scene for the debut of a special edition Defender - the LXV (65 in roman numerals).
Land Rover, a subsidiary of Tata Motors Limited (NYSE: TTM), is celebrating its 65th anniversary with a limited edition of the Defender SUV, named the LXV.
The much-loved brand will showcase that first ever vehicle, affectionately nicknamed 'Huey', alongside a world debut of the new Defender LXV Special Edition.