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Adj.1.lxxiii - being three more than seventylxxiii - being three more than seventy  
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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27) See 1 ELLIOTT COUES, HISTORY OF THE EXPEDITION UNDER THE COMMAND OF LEWIS AND CLARK, at lxxiii (Courier Dover Publications 1979) (1893) (commission providing that it appointed William Clark).
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The pair face 12 rivals in the [euro]250,000 contest at Merano, the LXXIII Gran Premio Merano Forst Grade 1 chase over 3m1f.
Ja o capitulo LXXIII, ou seja, "O contraregra," nos traz o efeito da desatencao de Escobar refletido no sentimento de Bentinho, frente ao cavaleiro que passa pelo bairro de Matacavalos, e admira Capitu na janela a ponto de voltar-se para tras por se haver extasiado diante de sua beleza.
An individual may be oppressed, a nation may be trampled upon, mankind may be threatened with the annihilation of their rights, and the threat enforced; and not a finger is raised, not a heart sinks, not a pulse beats quicker" ("Common-Places," The Literary Examiner LXXIII, September-December 1823, 20: 136).
And as much as it nourished him, Italy also--Pound's own private Italy--prompted some of his worst excesses, the ugliest of which are the Cantos (LXXII and LXXIII, for example) he composed directly in Italian (I translate a brief sample: "In the beginning, God/the great aesthete, after having created heaven and earth .
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