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Adj.1.lxxvi - being six more than seventylxxvi - being six more than seventy    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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In the gallery lobby, visitors were greeted by a modest sculptural arrangement consisting of the piece Nature Morte LXXVI, 2013, a plant and mirrored-silver-template letters spelling the title of the show.
5) Calderon's basic conception is prefigured in Seneca's Epistulae morales ad Lucilium LXXVI and LXXVII.
See Eugene Yuejin Wang, "Mirror, Death, and Rhetoric: Reading Later Han Chinese Bronze Artifacts," Art Bulletin LXXVI (September 1994), pp.
In Hill's poetry, the fable of a historically pure nation (of England, and her proud interpretation of history) is called into question numerous times: 'At seven, even, I knew the much-vaunted / Battle was a dud" (TL LXXVI, 39), "Bucer's England--De Regno Christi--even then / it was not on, not really.
The Clay Eaters," Scientific American LXXVI (March 6, 1897): 150.
5) Per exemple, quan afirma que el dret canonic, que es una de les classes de dret, es troba "en dacret e en dacretals, qui son dits de sants e regla e ordonament de santa Esgleya" (Doctrina pueril, capitol LXXVI, paragraf 6).
He may have been recalling an earlier moment, in Canto LXXVI, when Pound, writing of Paradise and Hell--"Le Paradis n'est pas artificiel"--worked toward repentance, however belatedly--
by Migne, PL, LXXV, cols 558D-559B; LXXVI, cols 447a-452a.
MDV +1 =NEW DCL + 2 = FEN MXV + 3 = PAY MVI + 5 = RAN LIV + 6 = ROB CXXI + 7 = JEEP LXXVI + 9 = UGGER CDLI + 11 = NOWT DCCV+ 12 = POOH MCL + 15 = BRA CDI + 16 = STY CXX+ 17 = TOO XCV + 18 = PUN DLII + 19 = WEBB CIX + 22 = YET MDCC + 23 = JAZZ DCCV + 24 = BAAT
Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society Volume LXXVI, Part 1:81-98.