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Adj.1.lxxxiv - being four more than eightylxxxiv - being four more than eighty    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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The G-2 further noted that the German LXXXIV Corps did not appear to have reserves; an unidentified division at about 70-percent strength could reach the area within 2 days; the 11th Panzer Division and an unidentified division could not arrive before 20 July; and at that time, he did not expect more than a battalion-sized counterattack rein forced by more than 35 to 40 tanks.
The same technique--with resonances in liturgical drama--is used to great effect by Langland in Piers Plowman, where the verse 'Misericordia et Veritas obviaverunt sibi; Iusticia et Pax osculate sunt' (Psalm lxxxiv.