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 (lī′kən-thrōp′, lī-kăn′-)
1. A werewolf.
2. A person affected with lycanthropy.

[Greek lukanthrōpos : lukos, wolf; see wl̥kwo- in Indo-European roots + anthrōpos, man.]


(ˈlaɪkənˌθrəʊp; laɪˈkænθrəʊp) or


1. (Animals) a werewolf
2. (European Myth & Legend) a werewolf
3. (Psychiatry) psychiatry a person who believes that he or she is a wolf
[C17: via New Latin, from Greek lukanthrōpos, from lukos wolf + anthrōpos man]


(ˈlaɪ kənˌθroʊp, laɪˈkæn θroʊp)

1. a person affected with lycanthropy.
2. a werewolf.
[1615–25; < Greek lykánthrōpos wolf-man =lýk(os) wolf + ánthrōpos man]


1. a person suffering from lycanthropy.
2. a werewolf or alien spirit in the form of a bloodthirsty wolf.
3. a person reputed to be able to change himself or another person into a wolf.
See also: Wolves


Creatures that are half human, half animal, the most well-known of which is the werewolf.
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Noun1.lycanthrope - a monster able to change appearance from human to wolf and back againlycanthrope - a monster able to change appearance from human to wolf and back again
mythical creature, mythical monster - a monster renowned in folklore and myth
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Examining the Duchesse of Malfi by Webster, and contrasting the evil Duke with the more sympathetic representations of lycanthrope found in modern examples, the author shows that the theme of werewolf is itself subverted and transgressed by making the outer ugliness no longer a reflection of one's psyche.
When eleventh-grade Scarlett's favorite television show, Lycanthrope High, is cancelled, she worries she will lose the online fan community that sustains her.
Once again, metamorphosis has a political reverberation: 'The play uses Ferdinand as lycanthrope to suggest both the ambiguous power of wolfishness and its crucial association with rule' (p.
Reminiscent of the famous Batmobile and inspired by a Lycanthrope, the mythical werewolf, the mean machine will be offered in two trim levels -- Lykan Hypersport and a slightly tamer Lykan Supersport.
Radically altered in body (if not entirely in mind), the lycanthrope becomes subjected to the terror, misunderstanding, and hatred of those to whom it is otherwise most intimately bound: "relegated to gestures and garbled sounds for expression of its existence" (197), the werewolf is sequestered within the muteness of its condition and spoken for by its persecutors.
As the storm clouds of conflict gather over Forks, the couple and their vampire pals team up with the local werewolves - headed by Taylor Lautner's lusty lycanthrope, Jacob - for the mother of all supernanatu tura ral sk skir irmi mish shes es e.
5), a nightclub hostess who is revealed to be Medusa ('Stone Cold') and a lycanthrope hunter ('Wild Blood', 1.
I find myself humming the old Warren Zevon ditty Werewolves of London, about the immaculately dressed lycanthrope who alternates between mutilating old ladies and drinking pina coladas in cocktail bars, but as we share a manly handshake and a warm greeting, the brutal image passes and I notice the human face of daytime TV's most misunderstood man.
Benicio Del Toro is perfect as the lycanthrope at the heart of it all.
It was an improvisational piece, and Keegan and I began sniffing each other, exploring our vague impression of lycanthrope behavior.
Another newcomer, "The Wolfman," a remake of the lycanthrope legend with Benicio del Toro, Anthony Hopkins and Geraldine Chaplin took a $30.
Rowling's conception of the lycanthrope blends aspects of several of these traditions.