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(Pathology) any disorder consisting of multiple lymphomas in the body


(ˌlɪm foʊ məˈtoʊ sɪs)

lymphoma spread throughout the body.
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2) Differential diagnosis of NL includes leptomeningeal lymphomatosis, nerve damage by herpes zoster or enlarged lymph nodes, chemotherapy or radiation plexopathy, and lymphoma associated vasculitis and paraneoplastic syndromes.
Lymphomatosis cerebri: A rare form of primary central nervous system lymphoma.
11) The most common cause of ocular neoplasia in chickens is Marek's disease, caused by a herpesvirus, which can lead to ocular lymphomatosis, with uveitis as a common clinical sign.
Intravascular lymphomatosis presenting as adult respiratory distress syndrome.
Differential diagnoses of PMP include peritoneal carcinomatosis, lymphomatosis, sarcomatosis, infectious peritonitis, inflammatory pseudotumour, gliomatosis peritonei, peritoneal hydatidosis and peritoneal melanosis.
Evidence in favor of its reclassification as "intravascular lymphomatosis.
The presence of the virus of visceral lymphomatosis in embryonated eggs of normal appearing hens.
Also called neural lymphomatosis, neuritis of chickens, range paralysis, big liver disease.
Intravascular large B-cell lymphoma, also called intravascular lymphomatosis, may show pulmonary manifestations, but this disease is regarded as an aggressive systemic lymphoma from the outset.
While an omental cake is classically associated with ovarian carcinoma, it may be seen with carcinomatosis and lymphomatosis, mesothelioma, primary peritoneal serous carcinoma, tubal carcinoma, and, rarely, cholangiocarcinoma.
Epstein-Barr virus-associated intravascular lymphomatosis within Kaposi's sarcoma in an AIDS patient.