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Noun1.lyophilisation - a method of drying food or blood plasma or pharmaceuticals or tissue without destroying their physical structure; material is frozen and then warmed in a vacuum so that the ice sublimes
drying up, evaporation, desiccation, dehydration - the process of extracting moisture
freeze, freezing - the withdrawal of heat to change something from a liquid to a solid
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Gathering a room of Senior Scientists and Heads of Pharmaceutical Engineering, the 6th annual show provides an ideal forum to discuss the latest advancements in pharmaceutical lyophilisation, welcoming regulatory guidance from the NIBSC-MHRA and expertise from the likes of Sanofi, Boehringer Ingelheim, Janssen, GSK and more.
The CMO is able to fill bulk volumes under 100 litres, including products that require aseptic liquid filling and lyophilisation e.
7 million investment to expand its lyophilisation capacity in Masate, Italy, in response to growing customer demand.
The extraction of protease from 24 h old fermented CSK (50 g) was done as described above and subjected for concentration using lyophilisation.
It also provides excellent exposure and direct entry into the rapidly expanding Indian market and further strengthens Recipharm's global position in sterile injectables including lyophilisation.
The chitosan scaffolds were obtained by lyophilisation technique and then characterized by using following parameters Pore size and porosity of chitosan scaffold
The solvents were dried with an evaporator under vacuum conditions at 45[degrees]C and subjected to lyophilisation.
Approaches such as glassification or lyophilisation to stabilize enzymes against ambient temperature stress can also be employed in those situations where the logistics side is poor, such as remote fieldwork.
The acquisition also augments AMRI's sterile drug product offerings with the addition of ophthalmic and parenteral suspension dosage forms and prefilled syringe and lyophilisation capability.
The EZ-2 Elite Centrifugal Evaporator from Genevac provides enhanced final drying of stubborn samples and fast lyophilisation of HPLC fractions.