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Characterized by strong attraction between the colloid medium and the dispersion medium of a colloidal system.


(Chemistry) chem (of a colloid) having a dispersed phase with a high affinity for the continuous phase: a lyophilic sol. Compare lyophobic


(ˌlaɪ əˈfɪl ɪk)

also ly•o•phile

(ˈlaɪ əˌfaɪl)

noting a colloid the particles of which have a strong affinity for the liquid in which they are dispersed.
[1910–15; < Greek ly(ein) to loosen, dissolve]
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BioLight's ophthalmic product offering and pipeline of product candidates include IOPtiMate(TM), a laser-based non-invasive surgical treatment for glaucoma; TeaRx(TM), a point-of-care multi-parameter diagnostic test for dry eye syndrome; Eye-D, a controlled release drug-delivery insert platform and OphRx's lyotropic liquid crystals, or LLC, a non-invasive topical drug delivery technology administered through eye drops as an alternative to current ocular delivery modalities.
In general, liquid crystalline polymers (LCPs) can be classified as thermotropic liquid crystal polymer (TLCP) and lyotropic LCP.
Water/oil emulsions, emulsifier properties, and lyotropic liquid crystals are covered together.
Additionally, CNCs have a rigid rod-like nature in solution and surface charge resulting in lyotropic liquid crystalline behavior when they are dispersed in polar solvents.
Murugesan has extensively researched synthesis, characterization, modifications and improvements of polymers, lyotropic liquid crystalline behaviors of synthesized polyamides and Solgel synthesis of various inorganic particles in poly(dimethyl siloxane) networks (PDMS).
Besides the methods mentioned above, the templating synthesis using lyotropic liquid crystals (LLC), common biomimetic systems, is useful in fabricating nanomaterials (Zhao et al.
This can lead to various superstructures such as micelles, vesicles, multilayers, and lyotropic liquid crystalline phases (at high concentrations) (317).
To create a breathable barrier, Gin and his colleagues turned to a lyotropic liquid crystal, which has two different ends: one water loving, the other water repelling.
They begin by describing liquid crystal materials, including thermotropic liquid crystalline materials, lyotropic liquid crystals, and amphotropic liquid crystals.
It is interesting that Geary et al claim that the cationic polymer can promote the formation of a microscopic-phase separation of lyotropic liquid crystals.
1]H-NMR and Chemometrics; Antioxidative Activity of Some Herbs and Spices--A Review of ESR Studies; The Subcellular Metabolism of Water and its Implications for Magnetic Resonance Image Contrast; Comparison of two Sequences: Spin-Echo and Gradient Echo for the Assessment of Dough Porosity During Proving; Solid-State NMR of Lyotropic Food Systems; Application of NMR and Hyphenated NMR Spectroscopy for the Study of Beer Components.
This study focuses on the synthesis of homopolymer and copolymer hydrogels via the photopolymerization of water-soluble and oil-soluble monomers in Pluronic Lyotropic Liquid Crystals (LLCs).