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Noun1.lyric poem - a short poem of songlike quality
poem, verse form - a composition written in metrical feet forming rhythmical lines
ode - a lyric poem with complex stanza forms
strophe - one section of a lyric poem or choral ode in classical Greek drama
antistrophe - the section of a choral ode answering a previous strophe in classical Greek drama; the second of two metrically corresponding sections in a poem
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Sometimes, however, as in a lyric poem, the effect intended may be the rendering or creation of a mood, such as that of happy content, and in that case the poem may not have an easily expressible concrete theme.
Lyric poems are expressions of spontaneous emotion and are necessarily short.
We have the same national mind expressed for us again in their literature, in epic and lyric poems, drama, and philosophy; a very complete form.
IDEALLY, A LYRIC POEM consists of a single unit to be perceived as an integral whole.
For example, Estrin reads line 82 of Petrarch's Rime 23, "I'non son forse chi tu credi" ["I am not perhaps who you think I am"] as if it were in a dialogue or drama, and so really Laura's line, not the poet-lover quoting Laura in a lyric poem (65).
Louis Simpson says the lyric poem is any poem expressing personal emotion rather than describing events.
Of course the reality is quite otherwise: Italian is becoming less, not more, familiar, and yet anyone who attempts seriously to inform undergraduate or graduate students of the brilliant tradition of the Western lyric poem or more narrowly of the lyric assembly or collection is bound somehow to try to bring the great achievement of Petrarch into focus.
On page 21, to introduce the segment "Measure," are epigraphs from The Travels of Marco Polo and a fourteenth-century sijo, defined by the poet on page 13 as "a short lyric poem," the meaning apposite here.
Seymour: the five hundred dollars spread out as prizes to honor the best lyric poem written in Guyana each year.
For Dickie, "[t]he lyric poem does not mythologize the individual as a readable organization, making coherence out of isolated moments and fragmentary experiences as the novel does" (19).
The lyric poem, in particular, as a genre based around an origin (or at least an originary myth) of direct communication with an addressee who is present to the lyric singer, (10) has particular cause to engage with the implications of modern skepticism.
They made no sense in the usual way, by which I suppose I mean the lyric poem from Browning to Bly--and yet Shapiro is incredibly lyrical.