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v. lyr·i·cized, lyr·i·ciz·ing, lyr·i·ciz·es
1. Music To write or sing lyrics.
2. To write lyrically or in a lyric style.
To treat (something) lyrically; put into lyric style.


(ˈlɪrɪˌsaɪz) or


vb (intr)
to write or sing lyrics
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Matching up to his great predecessors, Moser possesses a self-confident and controlled expressive tone and tends to lyricise even the more heroic passages in the first movement.
imagine and lyricise the experience of the group struggle, modified
and Galway There is more than one reason to lyricise the racecourse at Ballybrit - Yeats has already done it, as have The Chieftains - but the seven-day summer festival is by far the best reason.
It is possible to have lyric high notes and dramatic low notes, but in the beginning train for the opposite, especially to lyricise low notes.
In striving to achieve what Pallasmaa calls 'a radical ordinariness', it should aim, like Pope Sixtus' ancient fountain, to lyricise the social transactions of everyday life.