v. lyr·i·cized, lyr·i·ciz·ing, lyr·i·ciz·es
1. Music To write or sing lyrics.
2. To write lyrically or in a lyric style.
To treat (something) lyrically; put into lyric style.


(ˈlɪrɪˌsaɪz) or


vb (intr)
to write or sing lyrics
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Swinburne's balladry of the early 1860s strenuously resisted the civilizing designs of those who would lyricize or balladize them.
Nombre en Ribosa Arabinosa Xilosa Lixosa Referencia Espanol Ribose Arabinose Xylose Lyxose Nombre en Ingles/ Frances 1 RAXL [12] 2 Royal Arabian Xylophonists Lyricize [12] 3 Ribs Are X-Rayed Last [13] 4 El Rio Ara Xilofonos Lindos Este trabajo 5 Riddles Are eXtremely Lame Este trabajo 6 Roberto Arteaga y Ximena Lima Este trabajo 7 Les Rats Arrivent eXtremement Liees Este trabajo TABLA 2.
Paragons of the form, their songs flood listeners' ears with an aggressive deployment of brass, especially the trombone, lyricize urban constriction, and articulate a sense of conflicted belonging through a pan-Latino register (see Calvo Ospina).
The repetitions of "soft" and "mute" lyricize Stephen's language while simultaneously reinforcing his silencing of Yeats.
As Florence, Kim Lindsay can belt the rock score when needed but also lyricize it.
The problem here is that Faulkner's pictorial love for his countryside is always clouded by his Southern historicism and need to mythicize or lyricize what Lawrence called our "spirit of place," and so the vision itself is always drifting in and out of focus, like those somnolent Southern mules at the beginning of Light in August--mules drawing all that excess Southern baggage of cultural and aesthetic self-doubt along with Faulkner's keen literary perception.
Elegy," in other words, comments not only on the death of a particular girl, but on the limitations of the very poetic model prescribed to lyricize the deceased.
Harper lyricizes Ellison more simply but similarly: "The Big E.
Using her medium of words, she illuminates and lyricizes the life of her mate--the painter and political refugee Ficre Ghebreyesus--and the shattering grief that follows his death at age 50.
Rather than exit the stanza on a note that universalizes sentiment and risks cliche, Reece closes with a declarative phrase that lyricizes an autobiographical moment: Kindness, kindness matters, my mother said.
Green's partisans claim he lyricizes the South in a metaphysical, Terrence Malick-esque way, a connection here made manifest by Malick's presence as a producer: But, what Green does is more fetishization than lyricization.
Divided into three sections entitled "Explaining Some Things," "Moorage," and "Even the Dead," Cronin's collection embraces in verse and prose poetry the years from 1984 to 1997, and at once lyricizes their travails and travesties, epigraphizes their momentum, and narrates a history in the making.