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a. Of or relating to a category of poetry that expresses subjective thoughts and feelings, often in a songlike style or form.
b. Relating to or constituting a poem in this category, such as a sonnet or ode.
c. Of or relating to a writer of poems in this category.
2. Lyrical.
3. Music
a. Having a singing voice of light volume and modest range.
b. Of, relating to, or being musical drama, especially opera: the lyric stage.
c. Having a pleasing succession of sounds; melodious.
d. Of or relating to the lyre or harp.
e. Appropriate for accompaniment by the lyre.
1. A lyric poem.
2. often lyrics Music The words of a song.

[French lyrique, of a lyre, from Old French, from Latin lyricus, from Greek lurikos, from lura, lyre.]
laulun sanat
parolesparoles de chansontexte
poematytekst piosenki
lời bài hát


كَلِمَاتُ الْأُغْنِيَةِ text sangtekst Liedertext στίχοι letra laulun sanat paroles stihovi testo di una canzone 抒情詩 서정시 songtekst lyrikk poematy letra de música слова песни lyrik เนื้อเพลง şarkı sözü lời bài hát 歌词
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Especially in the time of Charles it was natural that poets should write lyrics rather than longer poems.
Sea Lyrics," he called them, and he judged them to be the best work he had yet done.
Exposition (as in most essays) cannot as a rule be permeated with so much emotion as narration or, certainly, as lyric poetry.
Sometimes, however, as in a lyric poem, the effect intended may be the rendering or creation of a mood, such as that of happy content, and in that case the poem may not have an easily expressible concrete theme.
Lyric poems are expressions of spontaneous emotion and are necessarily short.
Reveal not only an imagination of intense fire and heat, but an almost finished art--a power of conceiving subtle mental complexities with clearness and of expressing them in a picturesque form and in perfect lyric language.
He was roused from his almost lyric ecstacy, by a big double Saint-Jean cracker, which suddenly went off from the happy cabin.
Anne heard it and thrilled to it; Gilbert heard it, and wondered only that all the birds in the world had not burst into jubilant song; Paul heard it and later wrote a lyric about it which was one of the most admired in his first volume of verse; Charlotta the Fourth heard it and was blissfully sure it meant good luck for her adored Miss Shirley.
Meghan Markle certainly didn't seem lost for words - but one in four of us don't know the lyrics to God Save The Queen.
IANS Taylor Swift is refuting a new lawsuit claiming that her lyrics for the 2014 single Shake It Off are not original.
lyrics=1&utm_source=google&utm_medium=search&utm_campaign=lyrics&pcampaignid=kp-lyrics&u=0#) YG "FDT lyrics can be (https://play.
India, June 29 -- Google and LyricFind have partnered to display song lyrics in Search results and in the Play Music app.