macadamia nut tree

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Noun1.macadamia nut tree - small Australian tree with racemes of pink flowersmacadamia nut tree - small Australian tree with racemes of pink flowers; widely cultivated (especially in Hawaii) for its sweet edible nuts
macadamia nut - nutlike seed with sweet and crisp white meat
Aloha State, Hawaii, Hawai'i, HI - a state in the United States in the central Pacific on the Hawaiian Islands
genus Macadamia - trees or shrubs; Madagascar to Australia
macadamia, macadamia tree - any tree of the genus Macadamia
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The macadamia nut tree, Macadamia integrifolia Maiden and Betche (Proteales: Proteaceae), an arboreal species, is cultivated commercially in several regions of the world (Pimentel et al.
It is a small evergreen oak, growing to 30 feet tall with simple, wavy leaves shaped like those of a macadamia nut tree.
Elizabeth Caezza said she was surprised to find a large macadamia nut tree - native to Hawaii - growing by her Santa Paula house when she moved there in the early 1970s.