machine operation

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Noun1.machine operation - an elementary operation that a computer is designed and built to performmachine operation - an elementary operation that a computer is designed and built to perform
floating-point operation, flop - an arithmetic operation performed on floating-point numbers; "this computer can perform a million flops per second"
operation - (computer science) data processing in which the result is completely specified by a rule (especially the processing that results from a single instruction); "it can perform millions of operations per second"
retrieval - (computer science) the operation of accessing information from the computer's memory
storage - (computer science) the process of storing information in a computer memory or on a magnetic tape or disk
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A set of LED lights, located on the dash, monitor air filter, engine, hydraulic system and operator presence system allowing for reliable and efficient machine operation.
Conforming to MTConnect connectivity and standards, FlowConnex provides waterjet machining and production status with a dashboard that displays information on machine operation and machine productivity.
Many of the parts we produce have very tight process parameters, and we are focused on achieving consistent machine operation to allow us to manufacture at optimum efficiency," said Treiber.
An industrial computer running Windows is interfaced with an Allen-Bradley programmable controller for machine operation and control.
From machine operation to tele-maintenance (option), information is now clearly available to operators and maintenance engineers.
The MHD guarantees a precise fit between the leveling plate and the base, eliminating horizontal sway and improving machine operation.
The innovative technology and process solutions guarantee total control of the material tensioning during the entire machine operation.
This will move the mill from a three paper machine operation to two machines, reducing mill and company capacity by 58,000 tonnes.
As normal machine operation continues, the I/O transitions that occur are compared to the transitions taught.
This state-of-the-art system is loaded with new features designed to enhance functionality and improve up time, including a self-leveling recoating system, quick material change, remote machine operation capability, automatic platform changer, web camera and software that plans, monitors and records part production.
A group of 'helpers' that respond to specific inquiries regarding paper properties, winder and machine operation in both English and Metric units
The Paulson School of Molding is an intensive, week-long program of classroom, computer simulation, and hands-on machine operation.

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