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like a machine in uniform pattern of operation.
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Adj.1.machinelike - resembling the unthinking functioning of a machine; "an automatic `thank you'"; "machinelike efficiency"
mechanical - using (or as if using) mechanisms or tools or devices; "a mechanical process"; "his smile was very mechanical"; "a mechanical toy"
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Damasio concluded that although we think decision-making is rational and machinelike, it's our emotions that enable us to actually decide.
According to Baltic, the machinelike quality of Toni's work reflects "key ideas related to gender roles and hierarchies within society".
14) Not yet Stanislavsky's method acting, Irving's "natural acting" looks for a middle ground between an actor too intimately identifying with the character and one becoming too machinelike.
It is also more likely that we will be able to emotionally relate to a robot that exhibits humanlike behaviors than one with more machinelike behavior.
Not necessarily in the machinelike way of the Art Pope industrial complex, but at least to all have really strong relationships, and I think that made it possible--when we did find ourselves with this conservative-dominated government--to really come together with a fairly united front.
These images, which are bilaterally symmetrical, are at once organic and machinelike.
power is nothing other than the fictional and machinelike constant
Everything is machinelike and therefore predetermined; atoms that make up all matter are inert.
The works I found most impressive were a set of two smaller, subtler, black-and-white 16-mm film projections on a side wall, Autobahn-Kopf, 1988/1989, and Gummibaum, 1993/1994, stop-motion animations in which the artist manipulated still images of cars and crowds, transforming them into hybrids of the machinelike and the organic.
Meanwhile Davis, under the guidance of manager Barry Hearn (played by the comedian Kevin Bishop), had a machinelike professionalism.
The machinelike connection here made between money and language, between an economy of ownership and an economy of meaning systems, compels a translation of Ike's repudiation and the language of his text lodged as it is within the mournful, nostalgic, and anthropocentric narratives of repudiation, bequeathing, doom, heritage--in other words in the unbroken historicism of the master-slave dialectic.
The author, Ferris Jabr, an associate editor of Scientific American, begins with a reflection on large, machinelike moving statues, made with "intricately conjoined plastic tubes, wood and sails, and flexible legs, statues which lumber across the landscape of the Netherlands.