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1. One who is skilled in operating machine tools.
2. One who makes, operates, or repairs machines.
3. A warrant officer who assists the engineering officer in the engine room of a naval vessel.


1. (Mechanical Engineering) a person who operates machines to cut or process materials
2. (Professions) a maker or repairer of machines
3. (Mechanical Engineering) a maker or repairer of machines


(məˈʃi nɪst)

1. a person who operates machinery, esp. an operator of machine tools.
2. a person who makes or repairs machines.
3. a warrant officer who assists the engineering officer in the engine room.
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Noun1.machinist - a craftsman skilled in operating machine toolsmachinist - a craftsman skilled in operating machine tools
artisan, journeyman, artificer, craftsman - a skilled worker who practices some trade or handicraft
vélamaîur; maîur sem vinnur viî vél


[məˈʃiːnɪst] N (Tech) → operario/a m/f (Sew) → costurero/a m/f a máquina


[məˈʃiːnɪst] nmachiniste mf


n (Tech: = operator) → Maschinist(in) m(f); (= constructor, repairer)Maschinenschlosser(in) m(f); (Sew) → Näherin f


[məˈʃiːnɪst] n (Tech) → macchinista m/f (Sewing) → operaio/a addetto/a alla macchina da cucire


(məˈʃiːn) noun
1. a working arrangement of wheels, levers or other parts, driven eg by human power, electricity etc, or operating electronically, producing power and/or motion for a particular purpose. a sewing-machine.
2. a vehicle, especially a motorbike. That's a fine machine you have!
1. to shape, make or finish with a power-driven tool. The articles are machined to a smooth finish.
2. to sew with a sewing-machine. You should machine the seams.
maˈchinery noun
1. machines in general. Many products are made by machinery rather than by hand.
2. the workings or processes. the machinery of government.
maˈchinist noun
a person skilled in the use of machines, eg a sewing-machine, or electrical tools. She's a machinist in a clothes factory.
maˈchine-gun noun
an automatic gun that fires very rapidly.
He machine-gunned a crowd of defenceless villagers.
machine tool
a power-driven machine that shapes metal, wood, or plastics by cutting, pressing, or drilling.

machinery does not have a plural.
References in classic literature ?
One of the many characters of the village was the machinist who had his shop under our printing-office when we first brought our newspaper to the place, and who was just then a machinist because he was tired of being many other things, and had not yet made up his mind what he should be next.
I tried other essayists, other critics, whom the machinist had in his library, but it was useless; neither Sidney Smith nor Thomas Carlyle could console me; I sighed for more Macaulay and evermore Macaulay.
Besides, the production of spectacular effects depends more on the art of the stage machinist than on that of the poet.
George had found constant occupation in the shop of a worthy machinist, where he had been earning a competent support for his family, which, in the mean time, had been increased by the addition of another daughter.
Least of all things was I a mechanic, and in that time I accomplished what an ordinary machinist would have done in as many hours.
She rang for Therese, called for her daughter, the cook, and the man- servant, wishing she possessed the whistle of the machinist at the Opera.
Through the MADP, the Core Labs hope to develop the skills of local machinists like Al-Furshuti, Al-Omrani and Al-Omari to the level of a journeyman machinist.
For instance, a machinist might choose to replace a tapered drill with a flat-bottomed tool and then change the drilling to the depth of the drill tip, regardless of the fouling past the shoulder at the bottom of the as-designed hole.
a machinist ever gets a prize it's "Employee of the
6 April 2016 - US-based labour union the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers has released a cautious statement regarding the proposed merger of Seattle, US-based Alaska Airlines and California-based Virgin America Airlines, the union said.
Take the case of a medical analytics company that turned to a metal machinist to make a plastic component.
Congressman Bill Posey (FL-8) recognized several companies involved with the Space Coast Machinist Apprenticeship Program during a ceremony at the Florida Institute of Technology on August 4th.