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 (mäKH′zôr′, -zər, mäKH-zôr′)
Variant of mahzor.


(maxˈzɔr; English mɑːkˈzɔː) or


n, pl -zorim (-zɔˈriːm; English -zəˈriːm)
(Other Non-Christian Religious Writings) a Jewish prayer book containing prescribed holiday rituals
[literally: cycle]
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He has written some 20 books, the most recent being Genesis in Poetry, as well as The Siddur in Poetry and The Machzor in Poetry, both published in 2012 (see www.
The Machzor, (10) the prayer book used on the High Holy days, especially on Yom Kippur--the Day of Atonement--uses as a thrice-repeated mantra a truncated carefully edited version of an awesome text.
Maissner, arranged by Howard Gamble (Toronto: Holy Blossom Temple, 1976), Machzor for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, ed.
The first printed Hagaddah was produced in Italy in the year 1485 and is called Machzor Soncino.
The Passover Haggadah was considerably shorter then, there were fewer festival Piyutim (liturgical poems) in the Machzor, and the Selichot services and Kinot for Tisha B'Av were not yet formulated as we know them.
Scherman, The Complete Artscroll Machzor for Rosh Ha-Shanah (Brooklyn: Mesorah Publications, 1985), pp.
Why do we think we can put out only one siddur, one machzor, one haggadah, per generation?
Machzor Vitry does list the "samekh" in "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]" as a large letter, based on a tradition that the Torah contains a large version of each letter of the alphabet, and the Prophets and Writings together have each letter of the alphabet large as well.
In the Machzor Vitry, a compendium of laws and customs collected by Rashi's students, we read: "Women are exempt from shofar blowing because it is a time-bound positive mitzvah.
So to reconcile the old practices with those of today, I used as a general--though not exclusive--guide Ashkenazic Orthodox prayer books such as ArtScroll's siddur (the prayer book for weekdays) and machzor (the prayer book for Sabbath and festivals).
He serves on the Cantor's Assembly's Editorial Board and on the Rabbinical Assembly's Machzor Committee, and teaches liturgy and Jewish music history at the Academy for Jewish Religion.