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1. Chiastolite.
2. A twinned crystal.
3. A dark spot or discoloration in a mineral.

[French, from Old French, lozenge, from Latin macula, mesh.]


(Minerals) another name for chiastolite, twin3
[C19: via French from Latin macula spot, stain]


(ˈmæk əl)

a twinned crystal.
[1720–30; < French]
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This letter quoted the new price of "at least 600 livres," which breaks down to 578 simples at 16 sous, 11 macles at 31 sous and 15 decrements at 162 sous.
Recordemos que Macles (87) al reflexionar sobre el objeto y la definicion de la bibliografia, valora en primer lugar su finalidad instrumental al apreciar que la labor del bibliografo es investigar, transcribir, anotar y clasificar los documentos, con el fin central de construir las obras denominadas repertorios bibliograficos o bibliografias.
Antwerp manufacturers now concentrate on the larger stones and the flat, usually triangular twinned diamonds called macles.