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Japanese philosopher George Ohsawa, the founder of macrobiotics, slept no more than four hours a night.
Instead of medicating with Marlboros and martinis, we might be doing it with metaphysics and macrobiotics," she says.
Several suitably bizarre candidates--a macrobiotics guru, an English lord, an Arab sheik, a department store clerk--are rejected ('not my type').
In 1994, l began studying macrobiotics and the benefits of food in health and in 1995, l founded the Aloe Vera Centre in Whitley Bay offering the highest grade products and advice to those wishing to look and feel the best they can naturally.
I have been able to incorporate a vegan philosophy into my career and lifestyle and have studied diets from everywhere and am interested in macrobiotics as well .
Phiya Kushi, son of Michio Kushi, founder of Macrobiotics in America
After becoming macrobiotics and switching to a vegetarian diet, Sandy's condition improved dramatically.
The Japanese approach to food, Shoku-Iku, which means 'food education', was pioneered alongside macrobiotics in the late 1800s by military doctor Sagen Ishizuka, who believed the secret to health and healing was to strengthen the body from the inside.
I met some interesting hippies in Dalmuir and rummaged through their book collection on macrobiotics, early environmental writings and the like and moved to the west end.