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n. pl. macrofauna or ma·cro·fau·nas
Macroscopic animals of soil or benthic sediments that are greater than about 1 or 2 millimeters in size, such as earthworms or polychaetes.

mac′ro·fau′nal adj.


(Biology) any animals visible to the naked eye
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Ole Missus, de house of plum' jam full o' people, en dey's jes a-spi'lin' to see de gen'lemen
I see it upon your lips, governor, to ask after my missus, and I thank you for your condescending interest.
No; but the missus is," said Beaufort, nodding carelessly to the young man.
Well, good-bye, sir," said 'Erb, "and I 'ope we shall 'ave as nice a doctor next time the missus disgraces 'erself.
A BYSTANDER [on the lady's right] He won't get no cab not until half-past eleven, missus, when they come back after dropping their theatre fares.
Besides, deep down in their hearts there was a strange and peculiar attachment to "old Marster" and "old Missus," and to their children, which they found it hard to think of breaking off.
I warn you if bark again I shall go straight for master and missus and bring them home from the party, and then, oh, won't master whip you, just.
Yes, sir, every evening; she's my eldest, and three nods from her means that the missus is a little better.
E and the missus would be like two babes left out in a bundle.
Tell us quick--what did the Missus say to the Maid?
Only the captain and his missus are sleeping on board.