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n. pl. macrofauna or ma·cro·fau·nas
Macroscopic animals of soil or benthic sediments that are greater than about 1 or 2 millimeters in size, such as earthworms or polychaetes.

mac′ro·fau′nal adj.


(Biology) any animals visible to the naked eye
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This paper examines the distribution of molluscs in Expedition Fiord and compares these macrofauna with the more thoroughly studied molluscan macrofaunas inhabiting the high-latitude fiords of eastern and northern Greenland and eastern Baffin Island.
The sampling methods employed in Expedition Fiord and Jorgen Bronlund Fjord preclude quantitative analysis of the benthic macrofauna.
This macrofauna consists of Astarte borealis and Astarte warhami, representing elements of the Astarte association, and Yoldiella spp.
The absence of invertebrate macrofauna at depths less than 3 m throughout Expedition Fiord can probably be attributed to the presence of a thick, landfast sea ice cover within Expedition Fiord.
Petersen (1977) has observed that shorelines in southern Greenland exposed to scouring by drifting ice floes and icebergs are devoid of macrofauna to depths of 5 to 10 m.
This, in turn, may facilitate the shift from a macrofauna dominated by molluscs that are tolerant of food-limited environments, such as Portlandia arctica and Thyasira spp.