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the large-scale structure or extent of something, which comprises all smaller structures or everything within that thing


(ˈmæk roʊˌstrʌk tʃər)

an overall structure or organizational scheme.
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Because number of macrostructural miscues related negatively to adaptations on extensive disruptions, we can say that children who produced few macrostructure miscues were highly adaptive of extensive disruptions.
These different internal representations are stored in a macrostructure that, according to Pinker (2009), aggregates a series of representations on different scales related to one another through landmarks.
Researchers compared the genome macrostructure for 157 gene families present both in conifers and flowering plants.
Nous nous limitons finalement a definir le titre comme un extrait d'une manifestation plus large et circonstancielle qui se manifeste aussi comme une macrostructure semantique, comme l'explique Van Dijk dans on essai [beaucoup moins que]Structures et fonctions du discours[beaucoup plus grand que] (Siglo XXI, n1983: 43-45).
Mechanical processing of straw changes macrostructure in the case of both--chopping and defibering.
Viola, Versalis; "Impact of micro and macrostructure in solution rubbers," G.
Some other means of physical or chemical testing, such as simple visual observation of the macrostructure, secondary ion mass spectrometry (SDMS) and dendrite arm spacing (DAS) methods, have been proposed to analysis the melting mark of copper wires residues found in fire scenes [1-8].
The tests of macrostructure were performed soaking AAC samples or CAACW in respective liquids and with the help of the optical microscope K-400L by Motic (China) with maximal magnifying x100.
Ignoring macrostructure is rendered an impossibility, inasmuch as if global coherence is treated as a given, the L2, the translation, will not cohere.
Grinding is a form of physical processing which breaks down the macrostructure of the barley grain, increasing the surface area available for digestive and microbial enzymes to act and as a result, increasing the rate and extent of grain digestion.
Keywords: Lexical Cohesion, Macrorules, Macrostructure, Main Idea Comprehension
However, in contrast to the previous findings, the macrostructure of asphaltenes both in solutions and in a vacuum residue was found not being representative of the age hardening process, in spite of the fact that the content of asphaltenes increased and the ratio of resins, aromatics and saturates against asphaltenes decreased being strongly dependent on temperature ranges [14].