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tr.v. mac·u·lat·ed, mac·u·lat·ing, mac·u·lates
To spot, blemish, or pollute.
adj. (-lĭt)
1. Spotted, blotched, or stained.
2. Morally sullied or impure.

[Middle English maculaten, from Latin maculāre, maculāt-, from macula, spot.]
References in classic literature ?
The posters, maculated with filth, garnished like tapestry the sweep of the curbstone.
Mohammed Mousa made it 2-0 with a half volley from inside the just two minutes before halftime as the keeper maculated Nam Tae's cross.
Each herb was maculated into each solvents; 95% ethanol, chloroform, sterile distilled water, hexane, using ration 1:3 for 48 hours at room temperature and were stirred every 12 hours.