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made from

made ofmade out of

Made is the past tense and -ed participle of the verb make.

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You can use made from, made out of, or made of to say that something has been produced using a substance or object, so that the original substance or object is completely changed.

They sailed on a raft made from bamboo.
The plates were made out of solid gold.
Her dress was made of a light, floaty material.

If something has been produced from another thing in an unusual or surprising way, you usually use made out of.

She was wearing a hat made out of plastic bags.

If you are mentioning the parts or materials from which something is constructed, you use made of or made out of. Don't use 'made from'.

My cabin was made of logs.
References in classic literature ?
Towards night, I fixed upon a proper place, under a rock, and marked out a semicircle for my encampment; which I resolved to strengthen with a work, wall, or fortification, made of double piles, lined within with cables, and without with turf.
I remembered the lump of beeswax with which I made candles in my African adventure; but I had none of that now; the only remedy I had was, that when I had killed a goat I saved the tallow, and with a little dish made of clay, which I baked in the sun, to which I added a wick of some oakum, I made me a lamp; and this gave me light, though not a clear, steady light, like a candle.
No, no," says he, "I mean it is a house all made of China ware, such as you call it in England, or as it is called in our country, porcelain.
As to the inside, all the walls, instead of wainscot, were lined with hardened and painted tiles, like the little square tiles we call galley-tiles in England, all made of the finest china, and the figures exceeding fine indeed, with extraordinary variety of colours, mixed with gold, many tiles making but one figure, but joined so artificially, the mortar being made of the same earth, that it was very hard to see where the tiles met.
And this is what I've made of my life--nothing, nothing, nothing.
His boat was made of three buffalo skins, stretched on a light frame, stitched together, and the seams paid with elk tallow and ashes.
If you were to dissect a typical living-room couch, you'd likely find an environmental disaster: a frame made of unsustainably harvested wood treated with formaldehyde and varnishes that can pollute indoor air; unrecyclable foam cushions dosed with flame-retardant chemicals that accumulate in fish when released into the environment; and upholstery colored with chlorine-based dyes and tacked on with toxic glues.
Imagine for a moment that you are sitting behind your computer and realize that, instead of clogging landfills when the computer becomes obsolete, much of it will be composted because the molded plastics that it is made of are biodegradable materials.
As for Yasa-sheet, it's made of alternating layers of chitosan, which is a major sugar-based ingredient of crab shells, and an enzyme-containing liquid extracted from bamboo.
Orientation makes the film tremendously strong in the machine direction (MD), but splitty in the transverse direction (TD), which gives ribbon the characteristic look of a textile product made of parallel threads.