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or ma·dro·na  (mə-drō′nə) also ma·dro·ño (-drō′nyō)
n. pl. ma·dro·nes or ma·dro·nas also ma·dro·ños
An evergreen tree (Arbutus menziesii) in the heath family, native to Pacific North America, having glossy leaves, small white flowers, flaky bark, and orange or red edible berries.

[American Spanish madroño, tree of the genus Arbutus, from Spanish, strawberry tree, from Old Spanish, from Mozarabic maṭroño, probably from earlier *armaṭrono (taken as Arabic al-, the + Mozarabic maṭroño), ultimately from alteration (perhaps influenced by Latin māteria, tree trunk, or mātūrus, ripe) of Vulgar Latin *arbutrus, alteration of Latin arbutus.]


(məˈdrəʊnjə) ,




n, pl -ñas, -ños or -nes
(Plants) an ericaceous North American evergreen tree or shrub, Arbutus menziesii, with white flowers and red berry-like fruits. See also strawberry tree
[C19: from Spanish]
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Noun1.madroña - evergreen tree of the Pacific coast of North America having glossy leathery leaves and orange-red edible berriesmadrona - evergreen tree of the Pacific coast of North America having glossy leathery leaves and orange-red edible berries; wood used for furniture and bark for tanning
arbutus - any of several evergreen shrubs of the genus Arbutus of temperate Europe and America
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