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Relating to or containing a group of dark-colored silicate minerals, composed chiefly of magnesium and iron, that occur in igneous rocks, including hornblende, pyroxene, olivine, and biotite.

[ma(gnesium) + Latin f(errum), iron + -ic.]


(Geological Science) a collective term for minerals present in igneous rock
(Geological Science) relating to igneous rocks or silicate minerals


(ˈmæf ɪk)

of or pertaining to rocks rich in dark, ferromagnesian minerals.
[1910–15; ma(gnesium) + Latin f(errum) iron + -ic]
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Smith (2000) and Page and Murphy (2003) suggested that mafic rocks and Fe-Mg minerals might play a role in the Hg concentrations in KNP.
To complement his 2010 Rare Earth Elements in Ultramafic and Mafic Rocks and Their Minerals; Main Types of Rocks; Rock-Forming Minerals Lesnov (geodynamics and magnetism, Russian Academy of Sciences-Siberian Branch) summarizes analytical data accumulated in the world literature and other materials about the regularities of the rare earth element distribution in minerals contained in ultramafic and mafic rocks as accessory phases.
3) contains a calcite marble horizon, roughly 2 km long by < 10 m wide, intercalated in a sequence of mafic metavolcanic rocks and paragneiss.
Magmatic layering in mafic to ultramafic rocks is well preserved in layered intrusions, while discordant mafic layered plutons in the northeastern part of the complex area vary in composition from medium- to coarse-grained anorthositic gabbro to plagioclase porphyritic gabbro.
At the center of it all is Kris Holland, founder of Mafic Studios, whose status as his company's sole employee is increasingly jeopardized as business picks up.
Each of these cratons is crosscut by numerous mafic dykes swarms, the precise ages of which provide a "bar code" (Fig.
The coincidence of the trend with mafic volcanics following the topographic height of land suggests a nearby bedrock source.
1999 field mapping by a GSC-led party in the MacLean Bay area outlined a belt of layered mafic and ultramafic rocks which grade from a harzburgite/dunite-layered sequence, through an olivine gabbro phase into well-layered to locally massive gabbro.
As for the amount of water associated with those upheavals, he uses a figure of 1 percent by weight, based on comparisons with earth and the assumption that Martian volcanism is dominated by mafic materials.
The Hurricane Mountain and Boil Mountain felsic samples show a large range in abundance of REE and trace elements compared to the tighter patterns of the mafic volcanic rocks.
Additional whole-rock and mineral geochemistry along with isotopic data will enable us to critically test this model, and to evaluate the extent of the involvement of mafic magmas in the generation and crystallization of granitic rocks in the CMMP.
Locally, about 500 to 600 metres thick, the Bird River Sill is a differentiated gabbroic complex, which trends east-west, dips steeply to the south and is subdivided into a basal ultramafic, a transitional and an upper mafic series.