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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The study of the interaction of magnetic fields and electrically conducting liquids or gases, such as molten metal or plasma. Also called hydromagnetics.

mag·ne′to·hy′dro·dy·nam′ic adj.


n (functioning as singular)
1. (General Physics) the study of the behaviour of conducting fluids, such as liquid metals or plasmas, in magnetic fields
2. (General Physics) the generation of electricity by subjecting a plasma to a magnetic field and collecting the deflected free electrons
Abbreviation: MHD
magˌnetoˌhydrodyˈnamic adj
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Noun1.magnetohydrodynamics - the study of the interaction of magnetic fields and electrically conducting fluids (as plasma or molten metal)magnetohydrodynamics - the study of the interaction of magnetic fields and electrically conducting fluids (as plasma or molten metal)
hydrodynamics, hydrokinetics - study of fluids in motion
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The NRL research team is now coupling computer codes that compute the evolution of CME ion charge states (elements such as Carbon or Iron with different numbers of electrons removed) to the output of numerical magnetohydrodynamic simulations of CME dynamics.
Other subjects covered include electron gas oscillations in plasma theory and applications, effects of suction and injection on magnetohydrodynamic heat transfer in stagnation point flow with variable body temperature, and multiharmonic treatment of non-resonant growing of electromagnetic wave amplified by energetic electrons with ring-beam distribution.
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The HPC-FF computer opens the way to substantial progress in several fields of research into fusion controlled by magnetic confinement; including turbulent transport, magnetohydrodynamic instabilities, plasma/wall interaction, heating systems and materials modelling.
The result, rather than being a collection of papers, is an organized text with a logical order of topics, including accretion discs, discs with magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) turbulence and their response to orbiting planets, mixing at the surface of white dwarf stars, pulsar magnetospheres, magnetic fields in galaxies, self-consistent mean field electrodynamics in two and three dimensions, magnetoconversion, Alfven waves within the earth's core, turbulence models and plane layer dynamos, planetary and stellar dynamos, convection in rotating spherical fluid shells and its dynamic states, laboratory experiments on liquid metal dynamos and liquid metal MHD turbulence and formation and stability in the solar system.
He has published or presented more than 35 papers on magnetohydrodynamic modeling.
htm Product description: Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) sensors are challenging linear accelerometers in applications requiring the measurement of angular rate and angular acceleration.