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A region surrounding a planet, star, or other body, in which the body's magnetic field traps charged particles and dominates their behavior.

mag·ne′to·spher′ic (-sfîr′ĭk, -sfĕr′-) adj.


(Physical Geography) the region surrounding a planet, such as the earth, in which the behaviour of charged particles is controlled by the planet's magnetic field
magnetospheric adj


(mægˈni təˌsfɪər)

1. the outer region of the earth's ionosphere where the earth's magnetic field controls the motion of charged particles, as in the Van Allen belts.
2. such a region of another planet.
mag•ne`to•spher′ic (-ˈsfɛr ɪk) adj.


The region near the planet possessing a magnetic field, which determines the motion of the charged particles in this region. Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and Mercury are the solar system planets known to have magnetospheres.
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Noun1.magnetosphere - the magnetic field of a planetmagnetosphere - the magnetic field of a planet; the volume around the planet in which charged particles are subject more to the planet's magnetic field than to the solar magnetic field
magnetic field, magnetic flux, flux - the lines of force surrounding a permanent magnet or a moving charged particle


[mægˈniːtəʊˌsfɪəʳ] Nmagnetosfera f
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For example, small business subcontractors have provided engineering designs, clean room systems, asbestos abatement, METASYS controls, and underground utilities; and supported the James Webb Space Telescope and the Magnetospheric Multiscale missions.
September 20-25--Fairbanks: Scientific objectives of the proposed CCEMD include magnetic storms, auroral and magnetospheric substorms, dayside and tail magnetic reconnections, and new results of the MMS mission.
Aurorae are caused by cosmic rays, solar wind and magnetospheric plasma interacting with the upper atmosphere.
Quantitative simulation of a magnetospheric substorm I.
a leading provider of high efficiency solar cells, assemblies and panels for space power applications, is proud to announce that 32 SolAero solar panels populated with high-efficiency triple-junction ZTJ solar cells are powering the four Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission spacecraft that launched successfully on March 12, 2015 aboard the United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida.
FLORIDA (CyHAN)- The Atlas V rocket lifts off from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station carrying four Magnetospheric Multiscale, or MMS, spacecraft on a mission to study magnetic reconnection.
All four of NASA's Magnetospheric Multiscale observatories have been released in orbit, where they'll soon embark on an ambitious mission to unlock the secrets of magnetic reconnection," it added.
Nowadays, short-term forecasting of magnetospheric space weather (magnetic storms) relies on continuously monitoring the solar wind plasma density, plasma velocity, and interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) at the Earth-Sun Lagrange L1 point, by satellites such as ACE and SOHO.
Interactions between the two varieties can lead to magnetospheric storms.
James Alfred Van Allen born; an American space scientist at the University of Iowa; instrumental in establishing the field of magnetospheric research in space.
NASA is currently building the Heliophysics System Observatory, which combines existing and future satellite resources in space, including THEMIS, ARTEMIS, the recently launched twin Van Allen Radiation Belt Probes, and the four Magnetospheric MultiScale satellites, which will be launched in 2014 (and which have involved UCLA scientific and hardware participation).