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Deformation of a material, especially a ferromagnetic material, exposed to a magnetic field. Rapidly alternating magnetostriction causes the iron cores of transformers to hum or buzz.

mag·ne′to·stric′tive adj.


(General Physics) a change in dimensions of a ferromagnetic material that is subjected to a magnetic field
[C19: from magneto- + constriction]
magˌnetoˈstrictive adj


(mægˌni toʊˈstrɪk ʃən)

a change in dimensions exhibited by ferromagnetic materials when subjected to a magnetic field.
mag•ne`to•stric′tive (-təˈstrɪk tɪv) adj.
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rain, snow or dust), areas of turbulent oil flow within the unit (pump operation), load tap changer operations, and magnetostrictive noise.
Continuous output and other auxiliary products are also always available to be ordered with the 1100 Series in a number of ways, including: GWR, Magnetostrictive, differential pressure, etc.
It uses the latest generation of field-proven magnetostrictive position-sensing technology to give absolute analog position, accurate to 0.
A range of 1 to more than 50 treatment units/chairs were reported, with varying access to piezoelectric and magnetostrictive ultrasonic units.
Chen, Composite Magnetostrictive Materials for Advanced Automotive Magnetomechanical Sensors, Low Temperature Physics, 27, 266 (2001).
The giant magnetostrictive material (GMM) has been developed in recent years as a new type of functional material [1].
However, one material that is commonly used today is Terfenol-D, a magnetostrictive material.
Pacemakers are shielded; therefore, the magnetostrictive ultrasonic electromagnetic field will pose no risk to a patient with a modern cardiac pacemaker.
Giant magnetostrictive materials (GMM) are widely used in transducer, precision actuator, and active vibration [1-3] because of large magnetostrictive coefficient, excellent dynamic characteristic, and high energy density.
In the development of novel hydraulic servo valve (EHSV) serving in aerospace industry, giant magnetostrictive actuator (GMA) is a thriving device to generate micro stage displacement fast and precisely [1-5].
The product range meets world class quality and includes magnetic level gauges, glass level gauges, sight glasses, sight flow indicator, level switches, magnetostrictive transmitters, remote seals (Badotherm, Holland) and safety relief valves (Farris, US).
Now available from Premier[R] Dental Products Company are the innovative Big Easy[R] Implant Magnetostrictive Inserts.