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 (măg′rā, mä-grā′)
A fillet of meat cut from the breast of a duck that has been fattened to produce foie gras.

[French, from Gascon magret, lean part of the breast of a fattened duck, from diminutive of magre, lean, from Latin macer; see māk- in Indo-European roots.]
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All the suspects pleaded not guilty before Chief Magistrate Magret Wachira.
de agua * una pizca de sal Relleno: * 1 magret de pato *
It started with tuna ham and purple pillows paired with Pere Ventura Cava Tresor NV; followed by seared duck magret with aji limo, baby cilantro, lime, extra-virgin olive oil, truffle oil and rocoto pearls; and river prawns with aji panca sauce, shallots, jumbo olives, dalandan granite, soft-boiled quail egg and camote dices, matched with Kaiken Terroir Series Torrontes 2014.
Our starter was Magret de canard fume sur melon de Cavaillon featuring magnificent slices of duck smoked for six hours with gourmet pommery mustard.
Magret M, Lisboa T, Martin-Loeches I, Manez R, Nauwynck M, Wrigge H, et al.
Effects of substituting yellow corn for sorghum in geese diets on magret and foie gras quality.
Cada verano, durante algunos breves calurosos dias entre julio y agosto -dos y medio, para ser exactos-, en el pueblo de Marciac al sur de Francia, en medio de la verde, acolinada y fertil region del Gers -cuyo nombre sugiere ricos productos a base de pato: magret, foie gras, confit de canard, pero tambien lo mejor del mundo del jazz
With a firm focus on fresh, high-quality regional ingredients (the chef enjoys strong relationships with his suppliers, and recognises the importance of provenance), the food brings back old Polish cooking techniques, and borrows the best from other regions - whether it's Italian burrata or a magret duck from France - to make for a stylish, modern menu.
None of the duck goes to waste--products on sale include duck breast or magret, duck legs to make confit, duck bones for stock and duck innards sold mostly to Asian buyers.
Menu highlights include carpaccio of scallops, fresh ginger and coriander to start; Magret of duck Marco Polo, white peaches and Sauternes roasting juices for main course; and hot raspberry souffle for dessert.
Alewife Queens offers a full menu, including entrees such as Berkshire Pork Shank ($27) and Magret Duck ($22) as well as bar plates like a cheese platter ($18) and the popular Jalapeno Mac & Cheese ($13).