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also mah·jongg  (mä′zhŏng′, -zhông′)
A game of Chinese origin usually played by four persons with tiles resembling dominoes and bearing various designs, which are drawn and discarded until one player wins with a hand of four combinations of three tiles each and a pair of matching tiles.

[Mandarin májiàng.]


(ˌmɑːˈdʒɒŋ) or


(Games, other than specified) a game of Chinese origin, usually played by four people, in which tiles bearing various designs are drawn and discarded until one player has an entire hand of winning combinations
[from Chinese, literally: sparrows]
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Noun1.mahjong - Chinese game played by 4 people with 144 tilesmahjong - Chinese game played by 4 people with 144 tiles
board game - a game played on a specially designed board
لُعْبَة صينيَّه
mạt chược


mahjongg [ˌmɑːˈdʒɒŋ] Ndominó m chino


(maːˈdʒoŋ) noun
an old Chinese game played with small painted tiles.
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