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A person who takes care of, rides, and controls a tamed elephant.

[Hindi mahāvat, mahāut, from Sanskrit mahāmātraḥ, one having great measure, mahout : mahā-, great; see meg- in Indo-European roots + mātram, measure (from mimīte, mā-, he measures; see mē- in Indo-European roots).]


(in India and the East Indies) an elephant driver or keeper
[C17: Hindi mahāut, from Sanskrit mahāmātra of great measure, originally a title]



the keeper and driver of an elephant.
[1655–65; < Hindi mahāut, variant of mahāvat]
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Noun1.mahout - the driver and keeper of an elephantmahout - the driver and keeper of an elephant
Bharat, India, Republic of India - a republic in the Asian subcontinent in southern Asia; second most populous country in the world; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1947
driver - someone who drives animals that pull a vehicle


nMahaut m, → Elefantenführer m
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He was the absolute property of his mahout, which would never have been the case under native rule; for Moti Guj was a creature to be desired by kings, and his name, being translated, meant the Pearl Elephant.
Call up your beast," said the planter; and Deesa shouted in the mysterious elephant language that some mahouts believe came from China at the birth of the world, when elephants and not men were masters.
So I sit at my ease, as befits a mahout,--not a mere hunter,--a mahout, I say, and a man who gets a pension at the end of his service.
The Government may pay for elephants, but they belong to us mahouts.
All the elephants in the lines jumped up as if they had been shot, and their grunts at last waked the sleeping mahouts, and they came out and drove in the picket pegs with big mallets, and tightened this rope and knotted that till all was quiet.
He described the balls at Government House, and the manner in which they kept themselves cool in the hot weather, with punkahs, tatties, and other contrivances; and he was very witty regarding the number of Scotchmen whom Lord Minto, the Governor-General, patronised; and then he described a tiger-hunt; and the manner in which the mahout of his elephant had been pulled off his seat by one of the infuriated animals.
They were of different sizes, and some had their mahouts or palanquins on their backs.
Haima, the Social Development Department in Mahout and Al-Wafa
An elephant trampled its mahout to death in Bihar after he asked the tusker to do sit-ups under the influence of liquor.
Patna: An elephant trampled its mahout to death in Bihar on Monday after he asked the tusker to do sit-ups under the influence of liquor.
At the end of May, Oman was in the grip of a heatwave as the mercury touched a high of 50AdegC in Quriyat, Bidiyah and Mahout, while it went up to 49AdegC in Adam and Mudhaibi.
This accident was an unpreventable tragedy, since Somsak was an experienced mahout (keeper) who has always loved Phlai Ekasit.