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A woman servant.


(Professions) a female servant


(ˈmeɪdˌsɜr vənt)

a female servant.
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Noun1.maidservant - a female domesticmaidservant - a female domestic      
chambermaid, fille de chambre - a maid who is employed to clean and care for bedrooms (now primarily in hotels)
domestic, domestic help, house servant - a servant who is paid to perform menial tasks around the household
handmaid, handmaiden - a personal maid or female attendant
lady's maid - a maid who is a lady's personal attendant
parlormaid, parlourmaid - a maid in a private home whose duties are to care for the parlor and the table and to answer the door


[ˈmeɪdˌsɜːvənt] Ncriada f, sirvienta f
References in classic literature ?
But before I can resume my natural form, and take possession of the belongings of my forefathers, you must go out into the world and take service as a maidservant.
The moment they stopped, a trollopy-looking maidservant, seemingly in waiting for them at the door, stepped forward, and more intent on telling the news than giving them any help, immediately began with, "The Thrush is gone out of harbour, please sir, and one of the officers has been here to-- " She was interrupted by a fine tall boy of eleven years old, who, rushing out of the house, pushed the maid aside, and while William was opening the chaise-door himself, called out, "You are just in time.
I may add that by the time the door opened again through which the maidservant had escaped, my eyes had grown used to the want of light.
Ernestine's trim little maidservant was announcing a visitor who followed close behind.
The Irish maidservant has not altered in the least in her kind and respectful behaviour; but Mrs.
A maidservant opens the door, they hand her the letter, and assure the maid that they're both so in love that they'll die on the spot at the door.
Brooke's patience to the utmost, displeased his grandfather by practicing half the afternoon, frightened the maidservants half out of their wits by mischievously hinting that one of his dogs was going mad, and, after high words with the stableman about some fancied neglect of his horse, he had flung himself into his hammock to fume over the stupidity of the world in general, till the peace of the lovely day quieted him in spite of himself.
Arete also sent some maidservants with him--one with a clean shirt and cloak, another to carry his strong box, and a third with corn and wine.
M'Leod, while tall menservants and maidservants took away the tennis and tea things.
Yet, with it all, there seemed to him to be an air of gloom about the place, something almost mysterious in the silence of the thick carpets, the subdued voices, and the absence of maidservants.
The Japanese maidservants are pretty and merry, but you never know the moment they'll leave you.
After many tears an unwritten contract was drawn up between us: first, that I would never leave Marfa Petrovna and would always be her husband; secondly, that I would never absent myself without her permission; thirdly, that I would never set up a permanent mistress; fourthly, in return for this, Marfa Petrovna gave me a free hand with the maidservants, but only with her secret knowledge; fifthly, God forbid my falling in love with a woman of our class; sixthly, in case I--which God forbid--should be visited by a great serious passion I was bound to reveal it to Marfa Petrovna.