mail pouch

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Noun1.mail pouch - pouch used in the shipment of mailmail pouch - pouch used in the shipment of mail  
diplomatic pouch - a mail pouch that is sealed shut and that is used to carry communications between a legation and its home office
pouch - a small or medium size container for holding or carrying things
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As a game on family trips, she and her family would count barns and barn-advertising signs--such as "Chew Mail Pouch," "Drink RC Cola" or "See Seven Caves.
For the inaugural ride in 1860, 190 relay riders were strung across America, ready and waiting for their first mail pouch.
If anybody saw anything in that area with a Royal Mail pouch we'd urge them to contact police.
For the past decade and a half, Plimpton has been criss-crossing the state, snapping photos of old red barns painted with advertisements for Mail Pouch chewing tobacco.
Inside his mail pouch were three guns and 100 rounds of ammunition.
The leathery hands of the station-master snatched the mail pouch off the exhausted horse.
Pony Express horseback riders passing the day's mail will return to the West this week with a new twist - the 1996 Olympic Torch will be carried along with the mail pouch.
The Mail Pouch, fax, Western Union, AT&T, and word of mouth -- that we have come to see it as some sort of groggy, heavyweight contender impossible to discourage in spite of every punch thrown.