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There's some mail in the box, but the mailwoman pulls it out.
Volga-Volga tells the story of the necessary discovery of the talent and energy of the Soviet everywoman, the provincial mailwoman Strelka, who travels to a competition in Moscow where she is recognized for her songwriting achievements and finds true love.
MOST posties deliver letters but Anne McConnell's mailwoman delivers sackfuls of bras.
3 -- color) no caption (mailman and mailwoman holding bags full of food)
For example, we might add that our mailwoman is single, she is physically fit, unlike the parents, and so forth.
16) Recall the earlier example of the child rescued by the mailwoman from the fire.
In the context of the case described, if we were to say, "it was supererogatory for the mailwoman not to opt for running down the block, pulling the alarm, etc.