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tr.v. maimed, maim·ing, maims
1. To injure, disable, or disfigure, usually by depriving of the use of a limb or other part of the body. See Synonyms at mangle.
2. To make imperfect or defective; impair: "The presumption of innocence has already been maimed ... for foreign Muslims" (Nicholas D. Kristof).

[Middle English maimen, from Old French mahaignier; see mayhem.]

maim′er n.
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Noun1.maimer - a person who mutilates or destroys or disfigures or cripplesmaimer - a person who mutilates or destroys or disfigures or cripples
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
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55% of total) - in situations when it was impossible to achieve proper repositioning in a closed maimer, as well as the most popular indications in all open fractures and fractures with neurovascular or pleura damage comphcations.
Acacias are leguminous plants, and like most legumes they form a symbiotic relationship with nitrogen-fixing bacteria on the roots, and are a significant source of atmospheric nitrogen being fixed into the soil for the subsequent use of all maimer of plant species (although some recent research suggests that erioloba, in fact, obtains most of its own nitrogen from the groundwater).
U24--office is trying to solve its clients in an appropriate maimer and as quickly,
A document was subsequently tabled entitled "The maimer of debating and passing Bills in Parliament", which was then read in English and French.
Pamela Foohey, an associate professor at Indiana University Maimer School of Law, agreed but added that because the settlement includes some $16 million from the cemetery trust fund, $3 million of it a loan to the archdiocese, the money was included in the plan for settlement.
It has now emerged that our loveable local dentist and lion maimer wanted to kill an elephant too.
The Authority is seeking proposals from qualified, licensed and bonded entities to provide in a satisfactory and proper maimer ail the necessary services required under this solicitation.
Yet, until recently, Loftus worked in institutional sales and equity trading, a career that lost its luster with the advent of electronic trading and its impersonal maimer.
It is an important situation for people to have behavioral maimer which is acceptable and enabling positive communication with others.
The most common type of physical discipline was the use of hands in spanking buttocks with 50% of the participants reporting that they were spanked in this maimer "sometimes" or greater.
The intention was to present results in a practical maimer to show trends in current practice, and to clarify what the literature points out as gaps in understanding around the process of diagnosis disclosure.