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Noun1.main file - (computer science) a computer file that is used as the authority in a given job and that is relatively permanentmain file - (computer science) a computer file that is used as the authority in a given job and that is relatively permanent
computer science, computing - the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
computer file - (computer science) a file maintained in computer-readable form
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After the animation has been finalised, it was published into animated GIF format, which is an open standard and the main file format for distributing web content.
I could have checked out this file 2 months ago and only now made a pull request; the main file might have changed in the meantime.
Microsoft Office Visio has three main file types named as drawing (VSDX), stencil (VSSX) and template (VSTX).
After an initial set of images is loaded into the main file group tab at the bottom, you can simply load additional files by clicking on the corresponding tab before you add those additional files.
We need to locate the main file on which the noting related to the case are there," the lawyer said.
However, if you want to put your own ebooks bought elsewhere onto your Kindle, you are out of luck as it doesn't support any of the main file formats.
exe" is the main file which is located in the installed directory for a Mozilla Firefox, then the installed file set can be identified as this application through the main file.
Instead, it will accompany the subfolder within a main file folder.
The left of sanctions continues to be the main file of talks between the two countries.
The searches seek all instances of the individual's name and close date of birth, whether a main file name or reference.
The main file system engine is placed in user space (Tanenbaum, 2004).
Detectives investigating a series of "disguised" donations to the Labour Party have handed over their main file of evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service, Scotland Yard said yesterday.