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The prevailing current of thought, influence, or activity: "You need not accept the nominee's ideology, only be able to locate it in the American mainstream" (Charles Krauthammer).
Representing the prevalent attitudes, values, and practices of a society or group: mainstream morality.
tr.v. main·streamed, main·stream·ing, main·streams
1. To integrate (a student with special needs) into regular school classes.
2. To incorporate into a prevailing group.

main′stream′er n.


(Education) the act of placing a pupil with additional support needs into a class for those without additional support needs
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This paper aims to understand what has been achieved, and how to move forward, by drawing on experiences in gender mainstreaming in health since 1995.
Perspective of gender mainstreaming development with in the interim period in Sudan.
The mainstreaming of porn will only go so far, because ours is still a very puritanical culture, but also because porn is geared toward niche markets, very particular fetishes, very distinct types of models.
These comments from one student show a resistance to mainstreaming ESL students, and a lack of confidence in knowing what to do with any ESL students that might be put into their classrooms.
However, the mainstreaming of such practices as acupuncture may be well on its way.
District officials and parents who want their children in sheltered classrooms cheered the ruling, which follows a mediated agreement between the school district and advocates of mainstreaming.