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tr.v. main·tained, main·tain·ing, main·tains
1. To keep up or carry on; continue: maintain good relations.
2. To keep in an existing state; preserve or retain: maintain one's composure.
3. To keep in a condition of good repair or efficiency: maintain two cars.
a. To provide for; support: maintain a family.
b. To keep in existence; sustain: enough food to maintain life.
5. To defend or hold against criticism or attack: maintained his stand on taxes.
6. To declare to be true; affirm: maintained her innocence.
7. To adhere or conform to; keep: maintain a busy schedule.

[Middle English maintainen, from Old French maintenir, from Medieval Latin manutenēre, from Latin manū tenēre, to hold in the hand : manū, ablative of manus, hand; see man- in Indo-European roots + tenēre, to hold; see ten- in Indo-European roots.]

main·tain′a·bil′i·ty n.
main·tain′a·ble adj.
main·tain′er n.
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Adj.1.maintainable - capable of being maintained
rectifiable, reparable - capable of being repaired or rectified; "reparable damage to the car"; "rectifiable wrongs"
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ISLAMABAD -- Supreme Court while declaring contempt of court petition against PPP senator Rehman Malik maintainable has issued notice to him.
Law officer has said that such petition is not maintainable in LHC directly.
However, Dar's counsel contended that the petition was not maintainable as the petitioner was not an aggrieved person.
According to Comtech, it has been collaborating with its customer base to deploy the latest long-life Ka-band power amplifiers into existing infrastructure, resulting in more reliable and maintainable networks.
Talking to this scribe, Chairman, CM Complaints and Redressal Cell, Dilroze Khan said that during the period from October 2013 to April 2014, 44948 complaints were lodged through different means, out of 12136 were maintainable while 32812 not maintainable.
natural gas utilities and related maintainable components on the DVC campus, develop a
Issuing notice to him on a contempt petition by an Enforcement Directorate's ( ED) investigating officer Rajeshwar Singh in the scam, the SC held that the plea was maintainable.
For experienced web developers and other programmers, this volume on writing maintainable code in JavaScript explores best practices in the development of applications that are easy to understand, fix, and maintain by programmers other than their original creator.
The tribunal said the complaint was maintainable and adjourned the matter until July 29.
Once a dense, transportable bale with maintainable integrity is created, it must be moved to storage or placed in a container for transportation.
The finish surfaces require no polishes or waxing, and are maintainable using low-toxicity cleaning products.
According to a newly defined program mission statement, the office will be "the Navy's premier acquisition command and life cycle manager for the Tomahawk Weapons System providing the warfighter with a safe, effective, reliable, and maintainable weapons system.