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tr.v. main·tained, main·tain·ing, main·tains
1. To keep up or carry on; continue: maintain good relations.
2. To keep in an existing state; preserve or retain: maintain one's composure.
3. To keep in a condition of good repair or efficiency: maintain two cars.
a. To provide for; support: maintain a family.
b. To keep in existence; sustain: enough food to maintain life.
5. To defend or hold against criticism or attack: maintained his stand on taxes.
6. To declare to be true; affirm: maintained her innocence.
7. To adhere or conform to; keep: maintain a busy schedule.

[Middle English maintainen, from Old French maintenir, from Medieval Latin manutenēre, from Latin manū tenēre, to hold in the hand : manū, ablative of manus, hand; see man- in Indo-European roots + tenēre, to hold; see ten- in Indo-European roots.]

main·tain′a·bil′i·ty n.
main·tain′a·ble adj.
main·tain′er n.
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Noun1.maintainer - someone who upholds or maintainsmaintainer - someone who upholds or maintains; "firm upholders of tradition"; "they are sustainers of the idea of democracy"
admirer, booster, protagonist, supporter, champion, friend - a person who backs a politician or a team etc.; "all their supporters came out for the game"; "they are friends of the library"
References in classic literature ?
Nay," added he, "you yourself will allow it may exist independent of all but one: so will a Mahometan, a Jew, and all the maintainers of all the different sects in the world.
In such a case, fortunately there is an appliance available called space maintainers that your dentist can give for your child.
One of the maintainers grabbed a screwdriver and attempted to pry the component loose.
Services: 11 DE electrical technicians, with licenses A, C, D and F, 2 Refrigeration maintainers DE, 4 Hydraulic maintainers AL, 2 stoker maintainers AL, 6 preservers mechanical installations AL, 1 Craftsman Iron - Aluminum AL.
Remotely piloted aircraft maintainers support a unique mission where the aircraft are able to fly around the clock.
The greatest resource available to the aviation commander is the time assigned soldier maintainers are actually turning wrenches on their aircraft.
Police swooped down on a suspected drug den here and arrested two of its alleged maintainers.
Our maintainers did their best to fix the issue on the spot, but it was something that required more time than they had.
The use of cytoplasmic male sterility system in developing hybrids in crops is possible only when effective maintainers and restorers are identified.
If Stryker maintainers want to perform any field-level maintenance tasks that aren't currently listed in the IETM, here's their chance.
Our maintainers walked away with a triumph over the machine, but learned they would later have to fix a faulty blade lockpin puller.