maitre d'

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mai·tre d'

 (mā′trə dē′, mā′tər)
n. pl. mai·tre d's (dēz′) Informal
A maître d'hôtel.
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Noun1.maître d' - a dining-room attendant who is in charge of the waiters and the seating of customersmaitre d' - a dining-room attendant who is in charge of the waiters and the seating of customers
dining-room attendant, restaurant attendant - someone employed to provide service in a dining room

maître d'

[ˌmetrəˈdiː] (maîtres d' (pl)) maître d'hôtel [ˌmetrədəʊˈtel] N (maîtres d'hôtel (pl)) → maître mf
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Erpicum, the onetime waiter-sommelier at Ma Maison, maitre d' at the original Spago Hollywood, co-owner of a West Hollywood dining spot named Eclipse and maitre d' at various upscale, L.
I WAS ticked off by the maitre d' in the last Italian restaurant I visited.
A father and son have been nominated in the Maitre d' of the Year category by the California Restaurant Writers Association (CRWA), and unless there's the unlikely happenstance of a tie, only one of them can win.
Once, when our toddler sat down in a restaurant and hurled the cutlery methodically across the room while wailing like a police siren, we hurriedly exited and I patted a P100 bill into the maitre d's palm.
At others, the maitre d's leap up to welcome me as a long lost friend.
Dessert was served soon after, with an array of small bites in many tasty flavors, and I left not only full, but also satiated by a wonderful experience with the restaurateurs, hoteliers and maitre d's of tomorrow.
The maitre d'follows the universal rule of maitre d's everywhere: studied nonchalance.
Jilted maitre d's tweet the names of customers who bailed on their reservations.
Several Maitre D's have revealed the odd ones to The Hollywood Reporter.
Waitpersons--often attending the MFA program in poetry, sometimes graduates of the MFA program in poetry, on occasion friends of people who have attended the MFA program in poetry, sometimes history majors who have read everything Charles has written, waiters who majored in Classics, bartenders who share an enthusiasm for Jet Li movies, maitre d's who are either getting ready to leave the country, or their wives, or to give back their dogs--all rush out to greet Charles, who gets an earful the second he shakes hands.
And it wasn't all that long ago that it was a commonplace to be told by restaurant and club maitre d's that jackets and ties were expected of gentlemen diners, something you rarely hear now even in the more uppity private clubs.