maitre d'

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mai·tre d'

 (mā′trə dē′, mā′tər)
n. pl. mai·tre d's (dēz′) Informal
A maître d'hôtel.
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Noun1.maître d' - a dining-room attendant who is in charge of the waiters and the seating of customersmaitre d' - a dining-room attendant who is in charge of the waiters and the seating of customers
dining-room attendant, restaurant attendant - someone employed to provide service in a dining room

maître d'

[ˌmetrəˈdiː] (maîtres d' (pl)) maître d'hôtel [ˌmetrədəʊˈtel] N (maîtres d'hôtel (pl)) → maître mf
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A father and son have been nominated in the Maitre d' of the Year category by the California Restaurant Writers Association (CRWA), and unless there's the unlikely happenstance of a tie, only one of them can win.
The monarch in the Beverly Glen Shopping Center on Beverly Glen Circle has always been Adriano's, an alta cucina ristorante run by deep-voiced Adriano Rebora, a former Italian liner restaurant manager and maitre d'.
My left arm slithered humbly back into its prone position as the maitre d' subjected the hapless waiter to a muffled, velvety earful for not monitoring the level of wine in our glasses closely enough to have anticipated my ill-advised refill.
Erpicum, the onetime waiter-sommelier at Ma Maison, maitre d' at the original Spago Hollywood, co-owner of a West Hollywood dining spot named Eclipse and maitre d' at various upscale, L.
However in most European countries being a waiter, Host, or Maitre d' is considered a lifetime chosen profession.
Personnel changes: Several managers, maitre d's and chefs have worked here over the years, two of the most notable being general manager Rolf Nonnast and chef Josie Le Balch.
In addition, Maitre d's at some of Philadelphia's finest restaurants will be sporting this new accessory as out- of-towners get a taste of Philadelphia's best cuisine.
To make the experience even more enticing, Master Chef Michel Roux unveils the French culinary arts of decoupage and flambe within The Olympic restaurant, where Celebrity's gourmet cuisine is theatrically presented and finished tableside by a special team of highly skilled servers and maitre d's trained by Mr.
Named as one of San Diego's top maitre d's of 1996 by San Diego Home/Garden Magazine while at the Marine Room, Mitchell also managed The Grant Grill and Fio's.
The special maitre d's for the dinner, which was held at Cesarina's Restaurant in midtown Manhattan, were Richard Grasso, president of the New York Stock Exchange; James MacGilvray, managing director, transaction services division, PaineWebber; and Jay Tota, national sales director, PaineWebber.
s most famous maitre d's, Bernard Erpicum, late of Spago and the St.