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n. Sports
A member of a major-league team, especially a major-league baseball player.
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Pierre has topped 200 hits fourtimes in his six full major-league seasons, and his 1,182 hits since 2001 are the most of any major-leaguer except Seattle's Ichiro Suzuki.
Prior to Eriotes, the oldest to make a plate appearance (but not actually register an at-bat) was 80-year-old former major-leaguer Minnie Minoso, who drew a walk for the St.
JetHawks manager Brett Butler, himself a former overachieving major-leaguer who rode the bench his senior year in high school, says he sees a little bit of himself in his old-school shortstop.
LANCASTER - Two home runs by San Jose's Travis Ishikawa helped overshadow the first-inning struggles of his teammate, former major-leaguer Jesse Foppert.
Meanwhile, West Ranch freshman baseball prospect Cade Krueter, who is the son of 16-year major-leaguer Chad Krueter, is batting .
When he doesn't come through, it's a shocker,'' Erstad said of Anderson, who became the 27th active major-leaguer to reach 1,000 RBI.
With a chance to become the 16th major-leaguer in history to hit four home runs in a game, Choi struck out on a full-count curveball in the seventh against left-handed reliever Terry Mulholland.
He combines speed with home run power, and coach Chuck Crim, a former major-leaguer, said Hay has the best swing he's ever seen for a prep player.