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n. Sports
A member of a major-league team, especially a major-league baseball player.
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Today, he'll make his first appearance there as a major-leaguer, but he's not exactly going in on a high.
This season, as a part-time right fielder, he has established himself as a major-leaguer, but even that might not ensure his future with the Angels.
If you take a guy with his level of experience and thrust him into seventh-, eighth- or ninth-inning, run-producing situations, with the game on the line against a hard-throwing pitcher, that's a tall order even for a seasoned guy, much less an inexperienced major-leaguer.
Plot holes abound, particularly the point that sets tonight's story into motion - what right-thinking major-leaguer would hand the keys to his Ferrari over to a batboy?
He combines speed with home run power, and coach Chuck Crim, a former major-leaguer, said Hay has the best swing he's ever seen for a prep player.
Having Barry associated with it kind of legitimizes it,'' Hirsch said of the only major-leaguer in this year's camp.
Leading off: San Diego, which has the first pick in this week's first-year player draft, will, as expected, take the younger brother of a current major-leaguer.
With a chance to become the 16th major-leaguer in history to hit four home runs in a game, Choi struck out on a full-count curveball in the seventh against left-handed reliever Terry Mulholland.