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 (mä′kər, mā′-)
n. Chiefly Scots
A poet.

[Middle English, variant of maker, maker, poet.]


(Poetry) Scot a creative artist, esp a poet
[a Scot variant of maker]
References in classic literature ?
Then when you lower the curtain, it means that it is time that I, Makar Alexievitch, should go to bed; and when again you raise the curtain, it means that you are saying to me, "Good morning," and asking me how I am, and whether I have slept well.
They say that in wealth and plenitude of offspring you surpassed all that is in Lesbos, the realm of Makar to the northward, Phrygia that is more inland, and those that dwell upon the great Hellespont; but from the day when the dwellers in heaven sent this evil upon you, war and slaughter have been about your city continually.
The poem was read at the site by Edinburgh Makar Christine de Luca, who said: "It's very exciting.
We are excited to have the opportunity to acquire this property and continue the vision of Makar and Kimpton as the property stabilizes and establishes itself in the local market.
It was launched in March 2014 by Misr International Films (Youssef Chahine)," said Malak Makar, the project coordinator.
Maged Makar, Business Development Director at Stellar Energy, a company that has installed 300,000 RT of district cooling in the MENA region, says: "The industry has suffered from over investment in large (sometimes oversized) plants and big networks that have not yet seen the benefits due to slowed down connections.
Adds Makar, "If you notice, nobody is saying, 'Let's [go] semipro,' because of the taxes.
Idette Makar, CPA, Client Associate II, TAG Family CFO:
Maria Sharapova, due to meet Ekaterina Makar ova, was 115 for the title.
Tenders are invited for Realignment Of 450Mm Dia Rising From Substation Square To Makar Sarovar
On Friday, Manjhi had dropped in at Sadhu's residence to take part in a belated Makar Sankranti feast.
KITES filled the sky above Sakhir yesterday during celebrations of the Hindu harvest festival Makar Sankranti.