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Verb1.make fun - subject to laughter or ridiculemake fun - subject to laughter or ridicule; "The satirists ridiculed the plans for a new opera house"; "The students poked fun at the inexperienced teacher"; "His former students roasted the professor at his 60th birthday"
bemock, mock - treat with contempt; "The new constitution mocks all democratic principles"
tease - mock or make fun of playfully; "the flirting man teased the young woman"
lampoon, satirise, satirize - ridicule with satire; "The writer satirized the politician's proposal"
debunk, expose - expose while ridiculing; especially of pretentious or false claims and ideas; "The physicist debunked the psychic's claims"
stultify - cause to appear foolish; "He stultified himself by contradicting himself and being inconsistent"
References in classic literature ?
she exclaimed, furiously:" I'll teach you to spy out my secrets and to make fun of me
I have long stopped smiling and laughing it off when people make fun of me and pretending that it that it is fine for them to say things like that.
In published articles, he said his goal was to make fun of another student host who had made fun of him by calling him a loser and "gay.
Great as it is to see someone make fun of the cheap ethnic humor that fuels such unaccountable hits as ``My Big Fat Greek Wedding'' and ``Meet the Fockers,'' you kind of wish that ``Date Movie'' would attack this offensive stereotype-mongering with the same wicked zeal that it does with its dirty-toenail and projectile zit-popping gags.